There   is   plenty   of   accommodation   in   both   Lisdoonvarna   and   nearby   villages,   including   on   the   Atlantic coast.   While   some   premises   close   for   the   winter   season,   we   are   listing   premises   that   are   open   in February.      AirBnB   and   websites   like   ‘’   and   ‘’   can   be   checked   for   options   in   all the places listed below. Lisdoonvarna Sleep   Zone   @The   Burren   Hostel    –   just   150   yds   from   the   Gathering   venue,   120   beds   in   a   range   of different   room   sizes.      Reception   is   usually   open   9-12.00   and   18-22.00.      ;   Tel   +353   (0)   65   707   4036. These rates are being offered for Gathering attendees. Single bed in a dorm €19 per night Single room €39 or double €59 Multiple   bed   dorms   can   be   booked   –   Quad      €69;   6   bed   €99;   8   bed €120; 10 bed €149 Hostel   is   closed   during   winter,   except   for   the   athering   weekend,   so   if   not booking   online   people   can   also   contact   Sleepzone   in   Galway   +353(0)91   566999) (and explain that they want to book The Burren Hostel for that weekend in Feb Note that there are wine bar and dining area spaces for sessions during the day! Bed   &   Breakfast   -   a   few   premises   available   in   February.   Rates   tend   to   be   around   €60-80   per   room   per night. For example The Ravine Hotel is doing B&B at only  €40 per person per night.   Check AirBnB as well as other booking sites and accommodation listings. In   addition,   there   are   some   2   and   3   bed   apartments   available   at   off-peak rates at Town Square Holiday Homes , Lisdoonvarna Three   miles   outside   Lisdoonvarna   off   the   road   to   Kilfenora   is   the   Boghill Centre ,   which   has   40   beds   in   dorms   and   rooms,   prices   from   €19.   Single   or double rooms are €31 per person, and breakfast is €6 - Tel +353 65 7074644    For     example     The     Ravine     Hotel     is     doing     B&B     at     only          €40     per     person     per     night.  Liscannor Village   by   the   sea   with   accommodation,   fine   pubs   (some   with   music)   and some good food options. Cliffs   of   Moher   Hotel   –   flat   rate   of   €89   per   room   per   night   (breakfast   extra). Some    rooms    can    accommodate    3    people.   Tel    +353    (0)    65    708    1924      (Note: there is a regular Americana/Irish/OldTime session on Sundays, 13.30-15.30) Kilfenora Historic village 6km from Lisdoonvarna. Kilfenora      Hostel    –   From   €20-26   per   person.   Mixture   of   twin   rooms   and dorms. Group rates possible.  +353 (0) 65 708 8908 Burren   Glamping    -   can   sleep   5.   National   award   winning   accommodation   a mile or so beyond Kilfenora.  Breakfast optional.  Tel +353 (0) 65 708 8931. Apartments and houses  are also available for group rents   Doolin Seaside village 6km from Lisdoonvarna. Irish music in pubs in the evenings. Four hostels are available, along with a number of B&Bs and Hotel Doolin. Ennistymon Characterful   large   village   with   good   shops   and   food   choices,   and   which   has   a   few   B&Bs   and   the   Falls Hotel. Lahinch Seaside   village   –   a   famous   beach   resort   in   summertime   –   with   several   B&Bs,   The   Lahinch   Hostel,   the Shamrock Inn Hotel and Atlantic Hotel.
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