Welcome   to   Irish   Old   Time ’,   dedicated   to   promoting   awareness   of Appalachian   Old   Time music    and    musicians    in    Ireland.    This    is    the American    equivalent    of    ‘sean    nos’    from    which springs      ‘folk      music’,      ‘country      music’      and ‘bluegrass’. There    are    Appalachian    music    enthusiasts    and some    very    talented    musicians    scattered    around Ireland.   Regular   old-time   sessions   can   be   found   in Dublin,    Belfast,    Cork,    Galway,    Sligo,    Clare    and elsewhere.    In    North   America,    similarly,    old    time musicians   have   regular   ‘jams’,   as   well   as   dances featuring     callers     and     Appalachian     string bands    (the    equivalent    of    Irish    and    Scots céilís). However    musicians    also    collect    in    larger ‘Gatherings’,   lasting   a   weekend   or   more,   at various   locations   across   the   US.   (The   most famous   is   ‘Clifftop’   in   West   Virginia,   going   for nearly    30    years,    attended    by    around    5000 musicians   who   spend   up   to   10   days   in   camp side jams from early to very late.) IrishOldTime   held   the   first   all-Ireland   Appalachian   music   gathering   on   16-18   February 2018   in   Lisdoonvarna,   Co.   Clare,   with   the   intention   of   bringing   together   Appalachian music   enthusiasts   from   across   Ireland,   Great   Britain,   Europe   and   experienced   old-time musicians from the US and UK. The   Third Annual   Old   Time   Gathering    promises   to   be   even   better   than   this   year!      Given the   enthusiasm   of   last   year’s   attendees,   we   are   staging   the   Second   Annual   Old   Time Gathering   at   the   same   place   and   at   the   same   time.   For   next   year   we   are   working     bringing   over   an   Icon   of   the   Appalachian   fiddle   who   will   be   leading   the   sessions   and possibly giving a few workshops as well. Watch this space for more news
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