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Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones are old-time musicians and inspired tunesmiths from Galax, Virginia. They are married - in life and music. Southern song-duets and powerful fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo tunes comprise their diverse sets. Erynn and Carl play effortlessly with spontaneity and vitality. They’ll captivate you and also make you laugh. While rooted in the traditional sounds of older players, this duo stays true to their own muse by composing new, tradition-rooted music. Their original tunes and songs have spread around the globe. Carl’s song, Last Time on the Road was featured on the grammy-award winning album “Unleashed” by the Nashville Bluegrass Band. They have won many awards for their playing including Erynn’s 1st place fiddle win at Clifftop and Carl’s 3rd place fingerpicking-guitar win at Winfield - both premier festivals in the United States. They have 15 recordings between them including their duet CD Sweet Memories Never Leave. Erynn and Carl have recently toured in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and China. Erynn Marshall is an old-time fiddler who lives in Galax, Virginia and is known nationally and beyond for her traditional music. Her tunes are becoming common repertoire in fiddle circles and she is also a sought after teacher. Erynn learned the nuances of Appalachian old-time fiddling from rare recordings and visiting 80-95 year- old southern fiddlers for decades. Still she puts her own spin on the traditional music she plays – sounding authentic, archaic and transportive while playing in a smooth and effortless way. Erynn performs at festivals and music camps around the globe and often tours with her husband - songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Carl Jones. Erynn has won fiddle championships including 1st place fiddle at “Clifftop” (The Appalachian Stringband Festival) and was the first woman to do so. She has recorded six albums and appeared in four films (Voices of Virginia, the Clifftop Experience I’ll Fly Away Home plus the upcoming Never Met a Stranger). Carl Jones is an American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Born in Macon, Georgia, Carl presently lives in Galax, Virginia. He is widely respected for his instrumental talents and original songs about the joys and tribulations of day-to- day life in the South. Carl’s songs have been recorded by The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Kate Campbell, Rickie Simpkins with Tony Rice, and others. His song Last Time On The Road was on the grammy-award-winning album Unleased by the Nashville Bluegrass Band. In the 1980’s he played mandolin with James Bryan, Norman and Nancy Blake as part of the Rising Fawn String Ensemble. Today he tours with his wife, fiddler Erynn Marshall, the Bow Benders and the Galax Bogtrotters. Carl is known for his fine musicianship, sense of humor, songwriting, and as a charismatic teacher. For more information: Video Links: Tune Tramp – Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones Greasy Creek - Erynn Marshall, Carl Jones with Kim Wheeler Maple on the Hill – Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones Drunk Man's Blues Set - Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones with the Galax Bogtrotters The Galax Bogtrotters – Pretty Little Widder The Galax Bogtrotters – Red Rocking Chair
Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones Guest Instructors 2018