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Dan Levenson Last year’s Featured Old Time Musician*
Clawhammer Banjo, Appalachian Fiddle, & Stories of the Road Dan   Levenson   is   a   modern   day   troubadour   in   the   truest   sense   of   the   word.   A   full   time   musician,   Dan   travels   the country   with   banjo   and   fiddle   singing   songs   and   telling   stories   of   the   road,   his   musical   journey   and   his   Southern Appalachian roots. Dan   is   native   of   Pittsburgh,   Pennsylvania.   He   now   makes   his   home   in   Tucson, Arizona year round when he is not on the road. Performer His   stage   show,   An   Evening   with   Dan   Levenson,   is   an   intimate   evening   of   musical conversation   that   combines   old   time   fiddle, Appalachian   banjo,   stories   and   song   in   a storytelling   format   to   tell   the   story   of   life   in   rural   Appalachia   and   life   on   the   roads   of America via the music of our country. Teacher Dan   combines   superb   musicianship   with   the   ability   to   teach   what   he   knows   in   a   way   folks   can   understand   and   apply   to their own playing. Dan's workshops get rave reviews, and many students come back for more. Award winning musician Grand Champion Fiddle - Ajo, AZ 2010 State Champion Clawhammer Banjo - Ohio 2005 1st place Adult fiddle; 1st place Trick and Fancy; 1st place Husband/Wife - Yuma, AZ 2 Dan is one of this year's recipients of the coveted Arizona Master Artist grand from the Southwest Folklife Alliance. Books and CDs Dan   is   one   of   the   worlds   leading   authors   of   books   on   Old   Time   Music.   His   tutorials   are   considered   the   best   available. In   addition,   his   many   CDs   have   a   wealth   of   tunes   and   are   a   remarkable      resource   for   the   Appalachian   music enthusiast. Many of Dan’s books and CDs will be available at the gathering.
*Note: Dan does have more than one red t-shirt
Photo by Steven Meckler