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2019 Programme
Old   Time   Gatherings   as   they   have   evolved   in   North   America   are   relaxed   affairs,   intended   primarily   as   an opportunity   for   musicians   to   socialise   and   jam   (session).   There’s   little   of   the   programming   and   performance that characterizes music festivals. For   our   second   Irish   OT   gathering,   based   on   feedback   from   2018,   we   have   decided   to   focus   primarily   on jamming. Like many of the US based festivals jams will be running all day and as late as folks want to play.  For   those   who   wish   to   arrive   earlier   we   may   take   a   run   up   to   Clarinbridge   to   visit   Tom   Cussen,   Ireland   for most   banjo   maker,   Martin   Doyle,   one   of   Ireland’s   leading   flute   makers   or   a   number   of   other   well   known instrument makers TBA.
Clifftop 2017
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