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2020 Programme
Old Time Gatherings as they have evolved in North America are relaxed affairs, intended primarily as an opportunity for musicians to socialise and jam (session). There’s little of the programming and performance that characterises music festivals. For our third Irish OT gathering, based on feedback from 2018 and 2019, we have decided to focus on both workshops and jamming. Like many of the US based festivals jams will be running all day and as late as folks want to play. We are paying to bring over a top US Old Time musician (Clay Buckner) who will lead sessions and provide some workshops. Participation is at the core of Old Time gatherings. The dance and shape-note singing activities (see below) are especially welcoming to those with no previous experience in this genre. Barndance and Concert We are also bringing in a professional caller (Jeremy Child) who will provide a dance workshop, and will ‘call’ a barndance on Saturday night, following a short concert of Appalachian music (starts 7.15pm in the Burren Storehouse). Entry is €10, or free to all those who have registered and paid to attend the Gathering. Workshops We are offering a number of relaxed workshops, all at the low price of €10 per person (pay the workshop leader) and free for the Shapenote singing session (donations welcome!). Workshops will be held in various venues in Lisdoonvarna (at or near the Roadside Tavern). We will refine details of timing and location depending on the information given to us by those filling in the registration page for the event. Instrumental Workshops covering fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar accompaniment will be on Saturday at 11.00, 13.30-15.00, and 15.30-17.00. If there is demand a further workshop or two can be held on Sunday at 11.30-13.00. On Saturday there will also be dance workshops (introduction to American barndance) at 13.30-15.00, and repeated at 15.30-17.00 Shapenote - A Shapenote singing workshop will be held at 15.30-17.30 (no charge, just donations). For those unfamilliar with Shapenote singing, this is a very friendly and relaxed form of harmony singing, gaining popularity in Ireland. Anyone can do it! There are no rehearsals, singers sing for the pure enjoyment of singing with others, and no previous choir experience is needed. ‘Reading’ the music is a doddle using triangles, circles and diamonds corresponding to notes in the scale. Other Activities For those who wish to arrive earlier (Thursday, Friday morning), we could take a run up to Clarinbridge to visit Tom Cussen, Ireland’s foremost banjo maker. Let us know in advance so we can arrange this.
Red Clay Ramblers